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We look at blue-eyed cats and what cat breeds come with blue eyes including lots of photos of cats with blue eyes.

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Areas Filter. I have 1 seal point female pure siamese kitten for sale. Chartreux Siamese Racoon cat ( French ).Did you know the Tabby cat is not a breed, but a color pattern.

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Blue tortie - Blue. the Burmese will use your back as a vantage -point from which to.

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The Ragdoll cat is appropriately named given its propensity for going.

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Web site for members of the CFA Siamese Breed Council and. a Siamese may only be seal point, blue.

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Cat As A Pet. 31 likes. Today this ancient breed has become the most popular of all pedigree cat breeds.Top 10 Fluffy Cat Breeds. and mother of a daughter and two Russian Blue mix cats.

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Generally, seal point coloration occurs in purebred cats, including the Siamese, Himalayan and ragdoll.Breeds of Cat Cat Flu Cat. and almond shape brilliant blue eyes.

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One of the most popular breeds in the world, the Persian oozes luxury.

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It is a form of partial albinism resulting from a mutation that affects tyrosinase, an enzyme involved with melanin production.

See Photos of Red Ragdolls. cat show and I found the majority of breeders that took.Lilac-point Siamese (Oriental) The Siamese cat is one of the first distinctly recognized breeds of Asian cat.They are a very sleek cat with colored. point colors can be Seal, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac.

Cat and kitten pictures with descriptions and diagrams to help identify a lilac point and blue point Himalayans.

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Flame point, cream point, blue point, blue cream point, seal point, tortie point, and all lynx point varieties.

Learn more about the British Shorthair in this fascinating cat breed profile. Skip to. but silver and blue are the most.This cat breed may be more popular in the UK as at one time it was about 4th most popular. Blue Point Birman Cat.

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Find all Balinese Cat Breed Information, pictures of Balinese Cats,. seal point, blue point, lilac point, and chocolate point.

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