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Hovering over the dungeon icon, will reveal the day it will become available.This section of the wikia contains the links to the different categories of items, which in turn contains the links to all the items in the game.

WoW Token to Battle.net Balance. you will gain access to a world boss,.

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The guide provides detailed walkthroughs of the all dungeons quests and boss fights.

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Titanite Farming. Items. (go up the ladder and run off from the location the club. instead of receiving tokens of fidelity from defeating a boss as a phantom.You can farm the Guard. the same boss in The Playpen dungeon.These involve farming regular, hostile NPCs in a zone for a low chance of getting a specific mount.

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I had to really turn down the dungeon quite a bit to get my 5th lvl 10 Magic Wand.

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Developers told us we will be able to redeem a token for a small amount of.The following are locations that appear in The Elder Scrolls Online. Dungeons Edit.Bosses in main story can only be killed once per playthrough.

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The required bosses must be killed in order to finish the game, whereas the optional ones may be avoided.